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CGAC - Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon, 1 cuft

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Product Description

This top-shelf catalytic activated carbon is virgin AC manufactured to develop catalytic functionality.  This unique CGAC concentrates reactants via adsorption and promotes their reaction on the surface of the media pores.  Derived from a renewable resource - coconut husks.  12 x 40 mesh.  Sold in 1 cubic foot bags.  Coconut carbon is known for its superior hardness.  Compare to Centaur CGAC. 

Typical Uses

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal (liquid phase) where H2S is converted to sulfate to eliminate sour taste/odor in drinking water
  • Decomposing chloramines in potable water faster than standard activated carbons
  • Acting as a dual-purpose media, providing both filtration and adsorption for treating surface water and groundwater sources in the production of drinking water

Loading the GAC into a tank is a breeze with our media funnel

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