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Catalytic GAC

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Product Description

Buckeye offers catalytic GAC in a 10" x 2.5" refillable axial flow cartridge, as a refill for the cartridge, and in 0.5 cuft or 1.0 cuft sizes.  Theis CGAC cartridge is recommended for use in-line before a carbon block for treatment of tap water containing chloramines.  All CGAC and GAC should be rinsed thoroughly before the effluent is passed to other filters. 

This Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon (CGAC) is a coconut shell product manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. It is intended for use in treating liquids, and is especially useful in the treatment of water containing chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, or other volatile organic compounds where limited treatment contact times require a very fast acting carbon. Because this media is especially effective relative to a similar volume of other GAC’s, users can often save money by reducing the number or size of treatment equipment. The product hardness reduces fines (dust) caused by use and handling. This CGAC is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.


Common Applications:

  • Chloramine treatment
  • Hydrogen sulfide treatment
  • VOC removal
  • Iron removal


  • Total Ash Content: Max 4%
  • Moisture Content as packaged: Max 5%
  • Iodine No.: Min 1000 mg/g
  • Ball-pan hardness: Min 98%
  • CTC Activity: Min 50%
  • Catalytic Activity: Min 20C
  • Surface Area (BET): 1060 m2/g
  • Apparent Density: 490 kg/m3
  • Bed Density (B&D): 420 kg/m3
  • pH: 10
  • Mesh: 12x40
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