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Premium RO Systems

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These RO systems include the most important components of Reverse Osmosis systems, and also include the most popular set of accessories for optimum performance and operation. Premium RO units come assembled, and include: clear (BPA-free!) NSF certified housings, a 1-micron multi-layer poly depth sediment filter; a 0.5 micron, 20,000 gallon carbon block; Filmtec RO membrane (24 through 100 gpd), a heavy duty bracket, pressure gauge, drain saddle, housing wrench, and three 6-ft pieces of color-coded tubing for the feedwater, concentrate ("waste water"), and permeate ("RO Water").

We offer an expansive range of options and add-ons, some of which are described below and can be selected above.  Not sure what options would be best in your situation? Need an extra stage?  All our water treatment systems are built in our shop and can be customized. Please give us a call - we have a specialist waiting to talk with you!

RO Capacity  Depending in large part upon which RO membrane is used, RO systems are configured to produce a specific number of gallons per 24-hour day.  There are several things to consider when selecting the capacity best for your situation.  If we consider a 75 gallon per day system for example, a bit of arithmetic shows the system will produce 3 gallons per hour.  So although you may never need to produce 75 gallons of RO water in a day, most users will find a "gallons per hour capacity" more practical. 
24 GPD = 1 GPH; 36 GPD = 1.5 GPH; 50 GPD = 2.1 GPH; 75 GPD = 3.1 GPH; 100 GPD = 4.2 GPH; 150 GPD = 6.3 GPH
These capacities will be met (+ 20%), if the feedwater meets factory specifications (see the table below).  Also consider how well the various RO membranes clean the feedwater (a higher "rejection rate" results in cleaner RO water).

ASOV Kit  Auto Shut Off Valves stop the flow of concentrate (a.k.a "waste water") when the flow of purified water is stopped by a separate valve (for example, a float valve).  This Kit includes a check valve and ASOV (both plumbed in for you), and a float valve with built in bulkhead set to accept 1/4" tubing.

Flush Valve  Routine use of a flush valve can help extend the useful life of the RO membrane.  Options include a manual valve the user should open occasionally; or an automatic valve powered by a transformer (included) that opens once per hour for 18 seconds - giving you one less thing to remember to do!

TDS Meter  These meters are an important tool in assessing the purity of your treated water.  Both inline and handheld meters are available.  See our Meters and Controllers for detailed descriptions of each.  If you select an inline meter for your new RO system, we recommend the DM1 which allows the monitoring of TDS of 1) feedwater (tap water), and 2) RO water.

Feedwater Supply Fitting  Feedwater Fittings are used to tap into your plumbing to supply water to the system.  Depending upon where in your home or facility you install the system, we have a fitting that will work for you!

LeakBlock Sensor  If you plan to install the Premium RO system in a location where a a leak would cause damage, consider adding a LeakBlock Sensor to stop the flow of water to the system if a leak were to occur

System Dimensions:  Standard System measures 14" wide, 15" tall, and 7" deep.  With added chloramine stage the system measures 15" wide, 15" tall, and 7" deep.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Straight Forward Installation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Feb 2017

    The installation was straight forward. I had it up and running in less than half an hour. The water quality is exactly what I need to improve my home brew.

  2. Great product and service! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2016

    Everything is solid and runs great! Had a hiccup with user error, called Buckeye and now I have Awesome brewing water at any moment I need it. If you value a great product and customer service Buckeye Hydro is leaps and bounds above the competition!

  3. Great unit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2016

    Fast shipping, good quality unit. I ordered the 100GPD and with my incoming water pressure around 45psi, I'm getting about 3 gallons an hour! Which is actually better than I was expecting. The RO tastes great and will also be using it for an aquarium. Very satisfied.

  4. RO Purchase for Beer Brewing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th May 2016

    I purchased a premium RO system for beer brewing water (to create my own water profiles) and I'm very pleased.

    The included flush valve works very well and the pressure gauge will help warn me when the membrane is failing. The 75-MaxR membrane takes my 110 TDS water to 1 TDS.

    Russ was helpful and fielded questions when I read the included instructions incorrectly.

    I have no qualms with this purchase and would recommend it to any other Brewers looking to zero out their water.

Previous | Showing reviews 11-14 of 14

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