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Drinking Water Test

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In partnership with a USEPA-certified laboratory, Buckeye offers water testing designed to provide data critical in addressing potable water quality issues.

Unsatisfied with the quality or your well water or water provided by your local utility? Moving into a new home with less than ideal water? Not sure where to start in improving it? Start at the beginning! You must know what’s in the water – what the problem is – before you can cost-effectively treat it.

Buckeye Hydro’s Drinking Water Test covers Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon, Silver; Sodium, Strontium, Tannins, Vanadium, Zinc, Bromide, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate, Phosphate, Sulfate, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, and Silica.

Concerned about bacterial contamination?  Add a standard bacteria detection test (reports results as "safe" or "unsafe"), or a Quanti-Tray Bacterial Test (reports the number of bacterial colonies present). 

Contact Buckeye for additional available tests, including Metals/Minerals, VOC's, Pesticides/Herbicides, Radioactive substances, and other inorganics.


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