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Backwashing Carbon Tanks

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Product Description

Backwashing carbon tanks offer an economical means to remove tastes, odors, chlorine, and chloramines from your tap water. Please call our technical support Specialists to assure correct tank sizing, media, and fittings.  Our carbon and catalytic carbon tanks include a bypass valve.  Tanks with 2 cu ft of media and less are available to ship already loaded.  

These tanks are sized depending upon the anticipated flow through the tank (in gallons per minute, or GPM).  

Your purchase will include the tank, automatic valve, carbon, and bypass valve.

Carbon tanks used as a pretreatment to RO systems are available with a lockout switch to assure the RO system doesn't run while the carbon tank is backwashing.

Our customer support folks are waiting for your call!  We want to handle your purchase personally, so we can assure correct sizing and application.

The "Peak Service Flows" shown in the table below yield a 2 minute contact time (EBCT).  This is the maximum recommended flow for purposes of treating chlorine.

SKU Peak Service
Flow (GPM)
Tank Size
(Diam x Ht)
(Cu Ft)
5210 3.5 4.2 9" x 48" 1.0 Call!
5211 5.5 5.3 10" x 54" 1.5 Call!
5212 7.4 7.5 12" x 52" 2.0 Call!
5213 11.2 10 14" x 65" 3.0 Call!
5214 14.9 11 16" x 65" 4.0 Call!
5215 18.7 25 21' x 62" 5.0 Call!

*Subject to change w/o notice

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