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Why Soften Water?

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Here at Buckeye Hydro, we're proud of our successful nationwide track record of providing pure water technologies of exceptional quality and unsurpassed customer service. We reflect a 15 year commitment to water treatment and water softening systems and with such a small staff (less than 10!), when you call for customer service you may end up speaking with our owner. A lot of our customers call and ask us whether or not they should really soften their water. We have some discussion on that today.

Firstly, you must know whether or not you have hard water. The differences between hard and soft water can be seen in bathing or washing the dishes. Hard water leaves a residue that combines with soap to produce a "soap curd" that you then have to clean off, too. This also happens on laundry, too. Hard water can affect everything from your soap's ability to clean things to the life span of your washing machine! In fact, hard water can cause your laundry costs to be twice as high!

This is where our water softening systems come in to play. Hard water can cause you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in extra laundry detergent, extra hot water, unnecessary laundry rinse cycles, fabrics that lose their strength and usefulness, and washing machines that wear out way before their time. Our water softening systems reduce this waste, gets your laundry cleaned faster, and helps you save money over time.

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